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The Truth About Turkey

Hey everyone

So in recent weeks poor Turkey has been dominated by the sad news of the deaths in Ankara. And we are sure that this will have a scaremonger effect on tourists who otherwise would have been poised and ready to book holidays to Turkey.

But we are here to to tell you the truth about our beloved Turkey.

Turkey is a vast and large landscape and although the sad news in Ankara is a big deal. There is so many more positive elements of Turkey to focus on. The sunshine that beams down everyday, the culture, the warm people, the food and the long blissfully beautiful coastlines you can visit when you hire a car in Turkey with Dalaman Car Hire.

The Wonderful Weather 

Make no mistakes, we know that many places can say that the weather there is the best. But in Turkey it really is. Summer sun all the way, all day. And with so many gorgeous beaches lined with clear blue waters. You can rest assured that you will cool off in style with a nice dip just before breakfast or after dinner.

Car rental in Turkey

Come and enjoy, fun and sun with Dalaman Car Hire Today!


Holiday Spot Hopping

We’ve already mentioned the culture and car rental in Dalaman will give the chance to get around and really explore the neighbouring towns and tourist hot spots. In your very own car rental in Turkey, you can relax, unwind, stay cool with the best air conditioning systems we offer and even play a tune while you travel to your destination.

in Turkey 

We even make life easy for you if you choose not to hire a car in Turkey as we also offer private and shared in Turkey from Dalaman airport. All you need to do is simply step off the plane and grab your luggage and come and meet our pleasant drivers who will take you straight to your hotel, apartment or holiday home.

Comfortable Cars At Reasonable Rates 

To find out more all you need to is visit the Dalaman Car Hire website and stay tuned to this blog where we will showcase all of our new cars and promotions. You can also like our Dalaman Car Hire Facebook page too.

We like to keep all of our customers up to date with all the latest news from Turkey and we will even be showcasing some of the lovely places that you can plan to visit by car when you get here.

Spring is here, so its time to plan ahead and hire a car in Turkey today!

Car Hire In Turkey Made Easier, than 1, 2, 3

We’re are not sure if you know that we have been in car the hire business in Turkey for a good few years now.

So when it comes to offering you a good selection of cars for hire in Turkey. We really do deliver.

We also really understand what our customers need when they come to Turkey for their Summer holidays.

After all, when you embark on your holidays to Turkey, you want to arrive, collect your car and get ready to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer.

We Are Here To Help You Get Around 

So how can we help you? Good question and one that we are happy to answer.

We can offer you a range of cars for hire in Turkey that will help you enjoy your stay in Turkey.

Even more than you ever could imagine!


Car Hire In Turkey

Dalaman Car Hire

We also guarantee you:

  • Car hire in Turkey at affordable prices
  • Cars to suit all needs, family cars, jeeps and family cruisers 
  • Cars with all of the latest mod cons, especially good quality air con, that will keep you cool in the heat
  • We can drop off your car right at the door of your home, hotel, or apartment
  • We are on hand to give advice should you need it or if anything were to go wrong with your car
  • Our team is super friendly and we pride ourselves on our customer service
  • from a range of Turkish airports, airport shuttles or private shuttles.

Car Hire In Turkey With A Smile

In a nutshell, we cater for all needs when it comes to getting on the road during your holiday to Turkey.

And we promise to beat our rivals hands down when it comes to top notch customer service always delivered with a smile.

When you come to Turkey it is more than a holiday, its an experience.  And we feel that it is our job to play our part in making your stay here the best one yet.

The temperature here in Turkey is already starting to soar and Summer is on its way so why not book online with us today!

Plan Ahead and Book Online

Why not book a car or with us too.

It so easy just visit the Dalaman Car Hire Website, browse the vehicles and we have on offer and book and pay online today.

You’ll be glad you did so that when you arrive you can sit back and relax. Just imagine, once you have booked your holiday, hotel, car and , you can ‘officially’ start your Turkey holiday countdown.

We are  not sure what else we can say to convince you to hire a car in Turkey with us!

But we’ll be sharing some of our customer reviews with you very soon.

So you can see what good things they have to say about us!

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Don’t forget to follow our Dalaman Car Hire Facebook Page and lookout for us on Google Plus and Twitter too pages coming soon!

We will be sharing our latest promotions and showing you details of the cars we have on offer very soon.

So stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you in Summer 2016!



All Roads Lead to Dalaman Car Hire In Turkey

So here we are back spreading the news about our offers that will help you get on the road in Turkey in 2016 as you embark on your first or a repeat holiday to Turkey.

Many of customers are already gearing up to book their summer holidays to Turkey.

And when you land here, you will want to be able to move around easily and maybe get your own car to pick you up from Dalaman airport or any of our other Turkish airports.

Get Dazzled In Dalaman 

When you step off the plane ready for your Turkish adventure we know you will have sun, sea and maybe a spot of partying and adventure on your mind. Turkey is blessed with a plethora of beautiful beaches, a coastline to die for, restaurants that make amazing food, beautiful sunsets and lots of sights to see in all the cities. This is why you need to get on those wheels and get exploring!

Make Your Turkey Holiday Magical 

Many holidaymakers who land in Turkey are surprised at just how much there is to see.

And we know that once you get into holiday mode, you just want to unwind. And that’s why we would advise you to plan ahead and book your car online using our (super easy to use) Dalaman Car Hire website.

Just imagine, as soon as have booked your flights and hotel, you can book your car too.

And there are plenty to choose from to cater for all tastes and adventures right here under the Turkish sun. Whether you’re here on a family holiday, coming to get married, or just here on a short break, you will not regret hiring a car in Turkey with us!

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Why?  Because it gives you a sense of freedom to plan your days as you wish without the hassle of worrying about bus timetables or catching coaches to get from A to B. We know that you have worked hard for your holidays so you deserve to travel in comfort and style. And Dalman Car Hire is here to help you do just that!

Find Us On Facebook And Access Our Latest Deals

We’ll be posting alot more often on our Facebook page, so that we can keep you posted (excuse the pun) on all of latest offer and deals for the coming year.

So pop on over and like our page so you do not miss out. We are also live on Google + so join us there too.  You might even spot a comment from a fellow holidaymaker and make some new friends that you can meet whilst you are here basking in the Turkish sunshine.

Don’t Delay Book Today 

So stay tuned for alot more blog posts, where will take you on some adventures and show you all the cars and that we can arrange for you. So that Turkey really is a delight for you as soon as you step off the plane.

We cater for all of your needs when it comes to getting around here, and we’ve got many cities across Turkey covered. Welcome to Turkey, we know you cannot wait for the Summer to come around.

In fact some of our customers are already here enjoying the beauty of hiring a car in Turkey in the Spring.

Temperatures are already soaring here, after all.

See you all soon.