The Truth About Turkey

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So in recent weeks poor Turkey has been dominated by the sad news of the deaths in Ankara. And we are sure that this will have a scaremonger effect on tourists who otherwise would have been poised and ready to book holidays to Turkey.

But we are here to to tell you the truth about our beloved Turkey.

Turkey is a vast and large landscape and although the sad news in Ankara is a big deal. There is so many more positive elements of Turkey to focus on. The sunshine that beams down everyday, the culture, the warm people, the food and the long blissfully beautiful coastlines you can visit when you hire a car in Turkey with Dalaman Car Hire.

The Wonderful Weather 

Make no mistakes, we know that many places can say that the weather there is the best. But in Turkey it really is. Summer sun all the way, all day. And with so many gorgeous beaches lined with clear blue waters. You can rest assured that you will cool off in style with a nice dip just before breakfast or after dinner.

Car rental in Turkey

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Holiday Spot Hopping

We’ve already mentioned the culture and car rental in Dalaman will give the chance to get around and really explore the neighbouring towns and tourist hot spots. In your very own car rental in Turkey, you can relax, unwind, stay cool with the best air conditioning systems we offer and even play a tune while you travel to your destination.

in Turkey 

We even make life easy for you if you choose not to hire a car in Turkey as we also offer private and shared in Turkey from Dalaman airport. All you need to do is simply step off the plane and grab your luggage and come and meet our pleasant drivers who will take you straight to your hotel, apartment or holiday home.

Comfortable Cars At Reasonable Rates 

To find out more all you need to is visit the Dalaman Car Hire website and stay tuned to this blog where we will showcase all of our new cars and promotions. You can also like our Dalaman Car Hire Facebook page too.

We like to keep all of our customers up to date with all the latest news from Turkey and we will even be showcasing some of the lovely places that you can plan to visit by car when you get here.

Spring is here, so its time to plan ahead and hire a car in Turkey today!

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